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The World’s Best DOCTORS & FACILITIES at the Best Price
Thanks to our experience and wide network, Medical Tourism Italy can offer priority lane to waiting list, customized therapy and 24/7 assistance in the best equipped Medical Care Excellence Centers.

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Personalized Healthcare.


We are the Agency that allows thousands of patients per year to pursuit a personalized healthcare, from all over the world, to the best Italian Doctors and Facilities. We craft a personalized network of specialized doctors following your case with a Patient Centered Approach at a Multidisciplianry level, ensuring the best medical care achiavable for your condition. Italy is the only gateway to CRPS TREATMENT, and hosts some of the world-leading Doctors and Technologies for ONCHOLOGY, CHARDIOLOGY and ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY.

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Healthcare, tailored to your needs.

Approaching 2020, the picture of how patients worldwide take care of their health has dramatically evolved. Accordingly to the International Medical Travel Journal, global medical tourism is expected to grow by 20% per year, reaching 60 million people. Millions of people around the world have already started reconsidering their perspective and priorities about HealthCare;

In an era when all consider traveling the oceans for tourism and entertainment, it is a natural consequence to do the same when our Health, the most precious good we have, is at stake.


All the industry’s certifications security

We only work with the best and most qualified Doctors and Facilities; our partner’s selection process is strict and require all the industry’s certifications to be respected. We are driven by our Mission and the goal of offering to the whole world not mere Medical Travel, but a tailored HealthCare experience with a 24/7 dedicated assistance, and all the benefits of accessing treatment through a priority lane.

Care Quality Commission
Technischer Oberwach Ungsverein
Medical Tourism Italy Jic
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Meet your Personal Health Planner

With Medical Tourism Italy, you will not have to worry about anything except for booking the flight. Our staff takes care of everything else for you and your caregiver:  from your landing in Italy to your take off back home (and even after that, with 6 months of dedicated Follow Up Plan!)

Our experienced, English-speaking team will advise and follow you step by step; Our staff is all bilingual English-Italian and well prepared in medical terminology, with special knowledge in medical terms and treatments. They will work on your case prior to your arrival in Italy to arrange the documents needed by Italian Doctors, in order to evaluate your specific needs and options. They will be your direct contact and no language barriers will be there since the very beginning!
Moreover, Medical Tourism Italy offer a team of competent counselors that will always be at your side to make sure that your Experience is an all rounder healing journey, with no stress and hassle with bureaucracy and waiting lists.


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We’ve got you covered

All the trip services. 

Getting a second opinion consult is any patient’s right; most of the times the solution for your problems is easier than you might think. Ask us anything, we are here to help!

Why Choose Us


24/7 Personal Assistance during your whole stay

Your Personal Health Planner will be with you the whole time as your personal interpreter, driver and more.


Personal Italian SIM card

You will have an Italian SIM card for your phone; this way we can communicate without using up your Data plan.


Zero bureaucratic difficulties

Medical Tourism Italy take care of all the bureaucracy, Visa, documentation handling. Our job is making sure you only focus on healing.


Follow up

For a minimum of six months after your returning home, we will be on your case for a dedicated Follow up plan!

…and more!

Listen what they say

A honest and direct report from some of the over 20.000 patients which have already taken the full benefit we all have right to of a dedicated, personalized and successful Healthcare. CRPS, FIBROMYALGIA, CANCER and other delicate conditions require way more than a simple visit to your local practitioner, or of a Google search. 

Our job has been since 2012 to do this for you. We are the bridge that brings you, from wherever you are in the world, to your dedicated, personalized and fast counseling and therapy, all with the benefits of an Agency workup, and with the best aid to your recovery: the most beautiful place to be in the world.

Listen to the stories of Karl, Joseph, Emily and how Medical Tourism Italy has made possible and easier the complicated and energy draining bureaucratic work needed to access what they needed.



Hospitals and Clinics

Healing in the land of the Great Beauty

Visit Venice and Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, and have dinner in their Castles;
Visit lake Garda, and all the nearby towns including the town of Borghetto and Bassano del Grappa;
Wine tour, to taste the best wines, olive oils, cheese and other local products.

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